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Information Security leaders are overwhelmed with rapidly growing duties and new initiatives. Our cybersecurity leadership services are designed to work hand in hand with your security program to seamlessly give leadership more time in their day to do what they do best.


We specialize in performing a variety of risk assessments. Whether you need an overall company-wide assessment, an understanding of risk from a specific body, or even assessments of individual vendors and products, we are well equipped to customize our approach to your needs and exceed your expectations.


Would you like an unbiased opinion on a specific product from industry experts or guidance in best practices for emerging technology? We provide a range of services from quick one-hour phone consults to in-depth and on-location technology reviews.

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We bring decades of experience in advising businesses how and when to adopt best practice and emerging trends. 


Striking a balance between compliance and effective patient care is a major challenge in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape. Our experts have experience in multiple healthcare environments for designing secure HIPAA-compliant solutions without negatively impacting patient care.


Effectively navigating payment card industry security requirements requires not just knowledge of standards such as PCI DSS, but an understanding of how your payment gateways expect your compliance to be implemented and documented. This often involves complex risk analysis that is best performed by an internal security assessor (PCI ISA) or an external reviewer (PCI QSA) even if your transaction volumes don’t technically mandate such a skilled review. We provide services for one-time assessments or continuous review to ensure your payment card risk is well controlled.


Regulations such as GDPR, FISMA, SOX, and DFARS can result in tremendous security and audit risk when not properly addressed. We provide advising for how best to manage these regulations, typically through implementation or enhancement of the organization’s GRC (GovernanceRiskCompliance) tool and methodology.


Public funded education, state and local government security faces unique challanges in implementing information security programs and controls. Increased beaurocracy and tight budgets often leave these institutions exposed to new risks. We can help guide our government customers in taking advantage of lesser known government resources, addressing unique contstraints in governemnt agencies, and how to effectively address threats in a budget constrained environment.


 Understanding the cybersecurity threat is the lowest cost and easiest to implement step in defending ourselves.

 Yet this is the most overlooked step in most companies. Empowering employees to serve the security mission in a compelling and meaningful way is fundamental to success in today’s security environment.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

After a major breach, I was overwhelmed with new security initiatives. Fortatech helped advise what how best to implement each project and was strategically and tactically involved in ensuring the projects completed on time and at budget. 


Company Confidential

We were notified that we were the target of a surprise PCI audit. Fortatech helped us quickly review our procedures and documentation to ensure we were prepared to successfully defend ourselves.

Chief Audit Executive

Company Confidential

We lost our CISO to a competing firm, and Fortatech helped not only stabilize our Information Security department, but made major improvements over the months that it took us to find a replacement.

Chief Technology Officer

Company Confidential

5-Year Cybersecurity Forecasts 

 Anyone within the enterprise cybersecurity field can see the explosion of new threats and requirements being given to Information Security departments. Seeing the numbers, one realizes that a helping hand can ensure you keep up with the increasing demand for cybersecurity resources. Over the past five years, cybersecurity budgets have increased 74%, only 38% of global organizations claim they are prepared to handle a sophisticated cyberattack, and a experts predict a staggering 54% growth of IoT devices over this same time period. You might be prepared to handle today’s challenges, but are you getting ready for tomorrow?

IoT Growth

Budget Growth


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